About Us


The Diabetes Camps Association (KZN) was formed to provide support in the form of camps for children with diabetes. As a wider range of support was established, this organization transformed into The Sugarbabe Foundation. The Foundation seeks to support children from infancy to 18yrs, from different socio-economic groups and from all ethnic groups. The objectives of the foundation are to:

Provide support to children with diabetes and their families through education and information.

Provide psychosocial support to children with diabetes by hosting events where children and their families would meet, network and participate in games and other activities.

Raise awareness among the public of the magnitude of the problem of childhood diabetes so that early signs and symptoms can be recognized and medical intervention sought.

Activities include camps, picnics and support of the extended family and care givers. Regular camps are an important and integral part of the management of children with diabetes. The aim of the camps is for the child to get to know other diabetic children, learn self-care skills and self-discipline, learning how to cope better with diabetes and to have fun! Camps will include adventure camps with an emphasis on teamwork, personal challenges, learning about nature, fun and games and day camps for toddlers with diabetes.

These activities require support in many forms including financial and material support. Fortunately, the foundation has been supported by many companies, organizations and individuals.

Sugar Babe Foundation – Constitution

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